Still Winter….

We may find ourselves starting to get frustrated with this recent, fairly extended cold weather, particularly when we experienced such warmth in January. Even the plants were fooled and tempted to emerge too quickly. It is very important not to ‘jump’ into Spring too soon.

If we can remember that Winter is the time of year when we focus on nourishing ourselves, it may help remind us of its importance. We do not want to cut it short, for it is the root of summer’s flourishing. We continue time for quiet reflection and discovering the deeper callings of the Soul. Find the power in silence and reflection. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is the season of the Kidneys. They are essential, as they are believed to house our vital essence, life force, or “Jing.” The Kidneys also provide day-to-day energy. They suffer as a result of stress, worry and anxiety; this may lead to excessive fear and a general insecurity about life. The Water element is associated with the Kidneys – how we are able to ‘flow’ through life.

Our Qigong practice helps us to stay gently active as we keep the spine and the joints flexible, while also regenerating during this time.

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