You have an easy style, you make things clear and simple, and I love the descriptions that are so easy to grasp.  You obviously love what you do, and that makes all the difference.   Thank you so much for your time and effort and dedication to this wonderful practice.  You’re an inspiration!    ~ Jill Anderson

Thanks for your help with transitions and form.  I’m really glad I did the private session with you – it helped me to integrate what we learned at the workshop.    ~ Patty Raedy

Rose Allen is an extraordinary Qigong teacher. In fact, she is more than a teacher – an inspiration, a source of wisdom and a tireless guide to the possibilities within all of us. 
~ Lissa Reidel

I have studied with Zhenzan Dao for several years.  The very first class I attended Rose was there.  She was the first to move from her home in Portland to follow Zhenzan to Santa Fe. Her commitment to the practice is so strong.  Rose also established a practice house and provided lodging for people from out of town when they came to study.  We had a wonderful practice space there where Rose would lead us in practice.  I tell everyone that Rose is my #2 teacher.  She makes everything clear and welcomes all our questions, no matter what level.  Rose is one of the most impeccable people I know.  Anyone attending one of her classes is fortunate indeed.   ~ Anita Neumann

Her demeanor, sensitivity, sincerity and commitment to qigong and teaching are some of the qualities I have admired in Rose as we have practiced together for several years.   ~ Kirtan

Rose Allen’s Qigong classes and workshops are integral to the menu of healing arts offered at The Menla Center.  They go beyond just the Qigong Forms to include practical understanding about the vital connection between our bodies and the earth’s seasons, and what it takes to simply live in balance.  Enthusiastic about continually growing her own personal practice of Qigong, Rose’s students reap the benefits of her enthusiasm, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience.  She makes the information understandable, applicable, and fun.  We love having Rose as part of The Menla Family!    ~ Sandy Szabat & David McDonald, Owners – The Menla Center for the Healing Arts in Santa Fe, NM