Embracing Winter

How might we be able to embrace this time of year with its lack of light, imposed upon by our current relation to the sun and the abundance of cloud cover?  We are strongly encouraged to move inward, which can be a bit unnerving, revealing, and perhaps even painful.

This is the YIN time of year (Fall-Winter) that is absolutely essential to balance the YANG (Spring-Summer).  It is a critically necessary time when we replenish ourselves.  We find opportunities to become observers and perhaps discover a part of our original nature.  We learn to surrender the will to a certain extent.  All of this helps to keep us in balance.  When we are in balance, we gain health.  Our Qigong practice supports this balance in a significant way.

So, as we move toward the darkest days of the entire year, let us savor this opportunity, even amidst the bustle of the holidays, and remember that Spring is on the horizon.


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