Qigong (“chee gong”)  is beneficial in so many ways. Qi is the force of Nature that flows through our bodies.  We tap into this power with each practice. Gong is the cultivation of our own vital essence. Qigong serves as preventive medicine that provides life-long benefits while creating a healthier, stronger flow of energy.

All we really have is our health & well-being.

We are becoming more conscious of how everything impacts us.  Our worry, obsessiveness, and problem-orientated mindset result in stress.  When the body’s energy balance is disturbed, our mental and physical health is affected – a major factor in fostering illness.  Qigong brings relaxation so that healing can take place.  We build energy rather than expend energy through slow, deliberate movement, body alignment, breath, and a clear mind.  Known as a “moving meditation,” Qigong is becoming more well-known in the West and is being offered at many prestigious healing institutions.

Now may be a good time to take charge of your own healing and honoring yourself by attending a class.  Or contact me directly to inquire about a private tutoring session.

Portland Ore Qigong Certified Instructor, Rose Allen.

Rose Allen

Certified Instructor of the MogaDao Institute

Professional Member of the National Qigong Association

photos of Rose by mirifoto.com
note: some people refer to Qigong and this healing movement as chi gong or chee gong.